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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finance and Time: RANT

Hey everyone!

First I want you all to know that I love you very much. I really do.

However, there is a recession.

And I am an artist trying to succeed off of her art.

I am a photographer, I make shea butter, I do hair, I model and do graphic design.

When I get some gigs I will play my tuba and baritone.

When I get better at DJing and playing my bass, I'll do that too.

I do not work for anyone but myself.

That being said:

I do not work for free.

Again, I love you all very, very much. Don't think this means I love you any less.

But if my father insists on paying full price to retwist his hair every couple of weeks, I can't justify doing stuff free for other people.

I have bills that need to be paid.

I have had quite a few people ask me to do random things for them for free. Particularly take pictures. If you have asked me, don't think that I'm singling you out, because you are far from the only one who has asked. They have various reasonings for thinking that I would do it for free:

1. they don't think taking pictures is that much work.

Taking pictures professionally is a lot of work. Not only do you have to prepare your camera to come out and take pictures, you have to take the pictures and afterwards you have hours of editing. Then you have to meet again to show the pictures, or upload the pictures, then possible have them printed.

2. they think that taking pictures doesn't cost much.

You buy thousands of dollars worth of equiptment the have someone ask you to use it for free.

3. They say that they will help you get more business

This is a possibility but honestly, the way things are going for me right now, I post things on my facebook group and I get business. I'm already working on marketing strategies and I can do these strategies with pictures I already have.

Another thing: If I ever catch my pictures being used without giving credit where my pictures are displayed and preferably my contact information-- There is going to be hell to pay. Unless of course I've given you permission or you have paid me... which is pretty much one in the same thing.



As I said early: student, photographer, mixtress, actress, model, graphic designer and musician.

I wear alot of hats. I have alot of friends and I have alot of family who would like to see me.

A lot of people thing that just because I don't work for someone else that means that i'm just available. I'm not. Even if i change something around to do something for or with you, I had to change something around that I may not have a chance to do later.

Do not expect me to be able to drop what I'm doing the day of to hang out. Don't be offended because I have to look at my schedule when you want me to do something.

You should be happy that I have a schedule.

Some of my friends already know this, but if you ask to come over and I say that I'm going to be busy but you can come over any way, that doesn't necessarily mean that I will be home or even available to chill if i'm home. That means that you can chill at my spot if you would like/ need to for whatever reason.

Time is money so my goal is to keep both as organized and efficient as possible.

If anyone has a problem with this and wants to talk, leave a comment, message me, call me... whatever- just don't sit there and be mad.

I hope everyone understands.

Again me loves u long time.

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